What makes building “GREEN”

A building that is green is often referred to as being sustainable, or environmentally friendly. This means that the design, construction and materials used for construction employ and incorporate an array of strategies that, together, make the building more energy efficient, healthier and don’t deplete natural resources. The use of sustainable materials is very important in building construction.

These materials must be used in such a manner that a building’s maintenance and costs are reduced. These materials will aid in energy conservation and improve occupant health and productivity.

Our Materials

Singapore is committed to reducing the carbon footprint. Green buildings are now regulated and measurable. The Singapore government is supporting and pushing all green-label materials.

Uzen thermal products are blended with selected mineral wastes which meet the ‘Green Label’ requisites. Individual system consists of different products blended to meet the demands and to accommodate local weather conditions.

Product performance are tested locally. Uzen Thermal Insulation System effectively lowers temperature build-up inside buildings and also resolve common defects on building structure facades which ordinary cement/sand or 3-in-1 plastered finish cannot achieve.

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