Brecote is designed as a durable and flexible thin coat over buildings’ exterior and interior walls.

Brecote surface help to reflect more of the sun’s infra red energy than ordinary paint surface and stay relatively cool.

It breathes to keep the underside and its exposed surface dry at all time.
Condensation on surface will be minimized.

Different textured finishes can be created on its surface using ‘special’ trowels.

Brecote is blended white and can be pigmented to last longer than ordinary emulsion paints.
Ideal for concrete wall, rendered brick/hollow block walls, AAC block, ALC panel walls and concrete precast panel walls.

Product Overview

  • using same recycled materials but different formulation
  • comes in a “ready to use” drum
  • typical thickness is 2mm – 3mm
  • average 40% to 70% Total Solar Reflectance result achieved
  • may come in color

Key Features

  • Cement-free “Green” product
  • No sand required (only water)
  • White-based or pigmented
  • Long lasting aesthetic appearance
  • Gives a cooler and odorless surface
  • Protect and prolong lifespan of paintwork
  • Excellent infrared ray and heat reflective performance
  • Keeping interior building space cooler, saves energy
  • Breathes to prevent condensation within substrate
  • Absorb atmospheric gas (Carbon dioxide)
  • Minimize humidity, absorb CO² resulting in cleaner air
  • Longer storage life compared to putty
  • Self-Healing for micro-cracks
  • Accommodate thermal substrates movement
  • Minimal surface shrinkage, low maintenance
  • Inert to bacteria and fungus growth, absorb dampness
  • Low water permeability, no efflorescence stain on wall