Breplus is a high performance “Building Envelope” coating designed to reflect UV/Infrared radiation.

It is ideal for external or internal wall application.

Breplus is compatible with substrates such as precast panel, cast-in-situ concrete, masonry, aerated block wall and Drywall.

Its “ceramic” feature give an aesthetic finish and creates a cool and comfortable living within a building space as well as cool to touch on the external surface of the building.

Product Overview

  • designed to be superior to skim coat and putty
  • typical thickness is 2mm – 5mm
  • Hard and smooth “ceramic-like” finish
  • Reduce UV/infrared radiation

Key Features

  • Cement-free “Green” product
  • No sand required (only water)
  • “non-powdery” once application cures
  • Long lasting aesthetic appearance
  • Self-cleansing after heavy shower
  • Compatible with any emulsion paint
  • Gives a cooler surface thereby keeping interior building space cooler
  • Breathes to prevent condensation within substrate
  • Longer storage life compared to putty
  • Minimal surface shrinkage/expansion resulting in low maintenance
  • Inert to bacteria and fungus growth
  • Low water permeability, no efflorescence stain on wall