Skimcote is a silicate thin render/plaster designed as a thin, durable and efflorescence free coating over pre-cast panels, cast-in-situ concrete and masonry surfaces.

Unlike ordinary skim coat, it breathes to prevent condensation and slows down heat conduction from ultraviolet infra rays.

It is an ideal “Building Envelope” for all building facades.

Product Overview

  • Consist of selected recycled industrial wastes and non-toxic materials.
  • Designed to replace skim coat and putty.
  • White-based, facilitates painting works.
  • Recommended thickness is 5mm.

Key Features

  • Cement-free “Green” product
  • No sand required (only water)
  • Off white or grey (standard colour), making it easier for painting (if required)
  • Long lasting aesthetic appearance
  • Gives a cooler and odorless surface
  • Protect and prolong lifespan of paintwork
  • Slows down heat conduction from ultraviolet infra rays
  • Saves energy (reduced air-conditioning output)
  • Breathes to prevent condensation within substrate
  • Minimize humidity, absorb CO² resulting in cleaner air
  • Longer storage life compared to putty
  • Self-Healing for micro-cracks
  • Minimal surface shrinkage, low maintenance
  • Inert to bacteria and fungus growth, absorb dampness
  • Low water permeability, no efflorescence stain on wall
  • Water resistance on vertical wall