Uzen Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company and is the regional sales and marketing head quarter for the Asian region. Our product R&D are conducted in Singapore in line with the terms and regulations for construction materials. Uzen manufacturing centers are based in China however the product quality and production are closely monitored by professional Singaporean supervisors.

Our company produces a range of ‘Energy Saving’ products. Uzen Thermal Insulation System; in short UTIS utilize air-spraying instead of manual application. This is in line with BCA requirement on Productivity, Durability and Sustainability for the building industry.

New and old buildings in Singapore are already adopting the implementation on ‘Energy Saving’ and Green Environment concept by the Building and Construction Authorities Singapore (BCA). Countries in the Asian regions are following similar concepts for better living conditions.

Material for ‘Building Envelope’ is a prime factor to minimize sun heat into buildings. A solution to provide every occupant a comfortable and manageable living space. Thermal Plaster and Thermal Screed are formulated as ‘Building Envelope’ for wall and roof. The mechanism in these products help to minimize heat and humidity built up inside a building while able to withstand harsh equatorial climate condition.

Uzen Pte Ltd is optimist to assist all enquiries and provide solution to overcome ‘heating effect’ onto building structures. This is our small contribution to create a Green and Cool atmosphere for all buildings and environment.


We strive to move towards a greener future by delivering non-toxic construction materials using our cosmetics composite technology on organic and non-organic materials and wastes.

We are also aiming to be the preferred supplier for green sustainable materials that reduces carbon footprint and increases energy efficiency.